Dog Boarding

an alternative to kennels.. . .

Your dog will be welcomed by one of our small team of host families, into the comfort of their own home, where all his needs will be met. It goes without saying, that your host family are of course, huge dog lovers themselves, have full comprehensive insurance through Mind Your Pets, and they are fully licensed for Home Dog Boarding with their local authority.


Host families are carefully selected for suitability after an in-depth interview with us; they are required to meet the Mind Your Pets strict criteria and supply references. They have to have a suitable home and a secure outdoor area/garden, not have any cats or dogs of their own and no pre-school children, they are required to be regularly at home and not be away for any more than 3 to 4 hours at a time.


Your host family will endeavour to maintain your dog’s normal routine, including daily walks and providing him/her with bundles of love and attention. To ensure your dog adjusts and settles in well, and to avoid upset stomachs, we ask that you provide your dog’s usual food, food bowls, blankets, beds, towels and toys etc. For your peace of mind and to familiarise your dog with their host family, an introductory meeting will be arranged at the home of your host family.


You may ask: Is my dog suitable for home-boarding?

From experience, we have learnt that generally large, lively young dogs are not suitable for home-boarding, however, if your large dog has a calm and placid temperament, we will consider your application. We only accept well behaved, well adjusted, non-aggressive dogs for home-boarding. Dogs with a destructive nature, un-castrated males over 9 months and bitches in season, are not suitable for home-boarding.

Please be aware a current vaccination certificate is required for your dog.