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mindyourpets.co.uk - Our Full Service List


  • Cat and Pet Visiting

    We all know how much cats hate change and how very distressed they can become when taken out of their home environment. Our pop-in service allows you to leave your cat where he knows best, in the familiar surroundings of his own home, leaving you to go away with complete peace of mind.
  • Dog Boarding

    Your dog will be welcomed by one of our small team of host families, into the comfort of their own home, where all his needs will be met. It goes without saying, that your host family are of course, huge dog lovers themselves, have full comprehensive insurance through Mind Your Pets, and they are fully licensed for Home Dog Boarding with their local authority.
  • Dog Walking

    Are you unable to walk your dog, due to circumstances? Out for the day? At work? Convalescing after an operation or illness? Whatever the reason – let us do it for you!
  • Doggy Daycare

    0830 - 1800 Hours - This Service is Currently Unavailable
  • Puppy Visiting

    Socialising your puppy is crucial for his/her development. Puppies need an established routine, time and attention to help them grow into happy well-adjusted adults.
  • Small Animal Boarding

    We also have the facilities to home board other small caged animals, such as: Degus, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas and birds, etc.
  • Bunny Boarding

    Leave your bunny or guinea pig with us in our Rabbit Retreat. We have established boarding facilities and secure hutches to cater for every breed and size. Our hutches are disinfected between occupants.
  • Home Security Checks

    Peace of mind while you are away! Who wouldn’t want that? Our pop-in service will give your home that ‘lived-in’ look. We can call in once or twice a day to carry out any reasonable requests to help keep your home secure.